Since 1996, I have been working in the magazine publishing industry as an editor and copywriter. It’s work I love for many reasons: the challenge of meeting deadlines and raising the bar with every issue; the new information and people that come with a job that never slows down; the excitement of changes in trends, topics, and technology; the incredible sense of accomplishment when a magazine goes to press. It’s work that requires attention to detail, but also an ability to see the big picture and, at times, to look into the future. I especially enjoy starting new magazines, and I am very proud to have worked as founding editor with the fabulous team at Page One Publishing in Victoria, B.C. to start six new magazines.

More recently, I have discovered the fun and freedom of freelancing, of delving deeply into a topic, interviewing the people behind a story, and putting it all together in a way editors appreciate and readers enjoy.

I am now based in Toronto and travel to Victoria several times a year. Contact me at info@caroyncamilleri.com.

Carolyn Camilleri — Writer & Editor

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Magazines, consumer and trade (B2B) articles, websites, profiles, advertorials/branded content, whitepapers, case studies, marketing material, proposals, and manuals.

Magazine Editor

Developing lineups, working with writers and designers, participating in sales and marketing initiatives, orchestrating content from the big-picture vision down to the tiniest details — I love it all. Even budgets! Being a good editor means understanding that a successful magazine is a team endeavour.


What does it take to be a good copywriter? Good writing skills, certainly. But it is just as important to understand and deliver a message that achieves goals, whether it’s for a website, a media release, branded content, or a case study. And I am a goal-driven content strategist.

Freelance Writer

After all my years as an editor, I know the value of a reliable writer who turns in clean, accurate, engaging copy on time. As an unabashed generalist, I get excited about topics ranging from food, books, pets, and travel to health, technology, business, and industry.

Salt Magazine

Semi-annual publication created and published in-house by Page One Publishing
• Lifestyle magazine about Victoria and Vancouver Island created for the Calgary market
• Editor and feature writer 2012 to present (founding editor)

Fresh Magazine

Quarterly magazine published by Page One Publishing under contract to Thrifty Foods, a Vancouver Island/Lower Mainland B.C. subsidiary wholly owned by Sobeys
• Food, recipes, and entertaining, as well as store/company information and initiatives, family, health, nutrition, and community activities
• Editor and feature writer 2005 to 2015 (founding editor)

YAM Magazine

Published six times a year by Page One Publishing
• Lifestyle magazine created for residents of Victoria
• Editor 2009 to 2011 (founding editor); freelance 2012 to present

Douglas Magazine

Published six times a year by Page One Publishing
• Created for and about Victoria’s business community
• Managing editor/copy editor 2006 to 2010 (founding editor); freelance 2012 to present

Harbour Air Magazine

Published five times a year by Page One Publishing for Harbour Air Airlines
• In-flight magazine; mix of articles to appeal to visitors and locals
• Editor and department/feature writer 2009 to 2010 (founding editor)

Tourism Vancouver Island Publications

Vancouver Island Vacation Guide (annual): *1996-1997 under Key Pacific Publishers; 1998-2012 Page One Publishing
Vancouver Island Outdoor Guide (annual): 2008-2013
Garden Trail (annual): 2009-2012
Vancouver Island Dive Guide: 2000
Festivals and Events Map (biennial): 2001/02, 2003/04, 2004/05
Tour and Travel Planner (onetime): 2003/04
Bed and Breakfast Directory (annual): 2005-2012
• Series of publications published and/or produced by Page One Publishing* for to Tourism Vancouver Island
• Content included tourism information, tours, and lure copy
• Editor and writer for all content

Tourism Victoria Publications

Victoria Vacation Planner: 1998-2012 (annual)
Victoria Meeting Planner’s Guide: 1998-2012 (biennial)
Victoria Tour and Travel Planner: 1998-2012 (biennial)
Victoria Destination Folder: 2003/04
• Series of magazines published by Page One Publishing for Tourism Victoria
• Content included tourism information, tours, and lure copy, as well as member listings
• Editor and writer for all content

Vancouver Island Golf Guide

Annual guide produced by Page One Publishing for the Vancouver Island Golf Alliance
• Editor, writer, and advertorial writer 1999 to 2015 (present)

WHERE Victoria Magazine

Published six times a year by Pacific Island Publishers
• Editor 1996 to 1998 under Key Pacific Publishers; editor 1998 to 2004 under Pacific Island Publishers

Wine Islands

Annual tourism guide produced by Page One Publishing for the Vancouver Island Vintners Association
• Editor and writer 2009 to 2012

BC Sport Fishing Guide

Annual tourism guide produced by Page One Publishing for the B.C. Sportfishing Marketing Alliance
• Editor and writer 2004 to 2007 (founding editor)

North Island Drive Guide

Annual tourism guide produced by Page One Publishing for the Vancouver Island North Visitor Association
• Editor and writer 2003 to 2005

Past & Present Clients
Dietitians of Canada
Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria
Tourism Vancouver Island
Tourism Victoria
Vancouver Island Vintners Association
Vancouver Island Golf Alliance
Tourism British Columbia
BC Sportfishing Alliance
Times Colonist
Black Press
Go Camping
Tourism Vancouver
Vancouver Coast and Mountains
Beautiful British Columbia Magazine
West World Magazine
Pacific Sands Resort
Howard Johnson Hotel, Victoria
The Beach Cub Resort
Harmony Communications



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